The Challenge

The FINCODA project was born out of a recognition of how important innovation is to both the business and academic worlds. It is a critical component for success in many modern-day organisations. Without it, there can be a drought of creativity, an absence of new ideas, and a failure to see how ‘good’ can be turned into ‘great’.

Without innovation, an organisation’s growth can be severely stunted.

Similarly, without a focus on innovation at academic institutions, graduates can leave without a valuable skill crucial to their success in the workplace. These graduates are the future of the professions and our future leaders - their capacity to innovate is vital. We urgently need new reliable and valid tools for measuring and developing an individual’s capacity for innovation: this is at the heart of the FINCODA project. 


The Objective


At the core of this project is the development of the FINCODA Innovation Barometer Assessment Tool. This is a psychometric tool that measures individuals' capacity for innovation. 

It breaks innovation into 5 core areas and assesses the individual's capacity in each of these areas separately. 

The research underpinning this tool has been conducted by the FINCODA partners who as a whole bring together both the academic and industry innovation expertise from across Europe. Read more about our partners here