Improving Innovation Workshop

In late 2016, Fincoda project members based in the UK delivered an Innovation Workshop to a group of individuals from a variety of businesses ranging from one sole trader businesses to those with over 50 employees, across a range of industries. 

These individuals had the opportunity to complete the Fincoda Innovation survey before the workshop and attended the workshop in order to focus on improving their ability to innovate at work. This half day workshop allowed individuals to build their innovate capacity in each of the five areas of innovation indentified in the Fincoda model. They explored ways of increasing their creative 'juices', discussed and applied methods of critical thinking, and applied psycolgoical models of team function and influence to increase their ability to manage their 'innovation' or innovative idea through to completion. 

Following the workshop, the individuals completed the Fincoda Innovation survey again and their pre- and post-workshop scores were used to create a development report. This report marked their score differences before and after the capacity building workshop and gave them development tips for further improvement.