The Fincoda User Guide

This guide has been designed to provide an understanding of the FINCODA Innovation Barometer including its origins, purpose and modes of use within both business and academic institutions. This guide has been produced by the founders and creators of FINCODA to share the benefits of using the barometer and how to use it for the best outcomes.

The FINCODA Innovation Barometer is an output of the European Union funded FINCODA Knowledge Alliance project. The aim of this project was to create a framework for innovation competence development and assessment, and was delivered through University and Business collaboration across five European countries. To find out more about the FINCODA partners, see page 2.

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  3.1 Academic Literature and References
  Below you will find academic references to papers published by FINCODA partners relating to Innovation Assessment and Competency measurement. Further papers related to the FINCODA project and outputs are in press and under review. These will be available in future versions of this guide.
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Oliver Caunt

Oliver Caunt is the Managing Director of family business, John Caunt Scientific Ltd, who specialise in nuclear instrumentation design and manufacture. Oliver relocated the business to the Bury in 2005 and has since overseen stable growth from £1m turnover to just under £2m.

With roots firmly established in the SME landscape, Oliver is a strong champion of entrepreurship and positive collaboration. He is a graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses programme; has led a successful £1m grant application in collaboration with the University of Liverpool to develop world-class nuclear reactor safeguards and operations technology; is a member of a pan-European academic/commercial collaborative project- FINCODA - setup to establish a global standard tool to define and identify innovative competencies in people for the benefit of post graduates and employers; is a participant in the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority's SME mentor programme; was nominated as one of the North West Insider Magazine's 42 under 42 (faces of the future) in 2012; was the best in class for Technology in the Made in Bury Business Awards 2013; a member of the IoD99 (Institute of Directors 99 select entrepreneurs) and is now a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument Makers in London.

Oliver lives in Ramsbottom with his wife, Ivona, and 2 young children. He spends as much time as possible out in the countryside with the kids, the dog, running and on his mountain bike, as well as enjoying the many excellent local restaurants and pubs in the area!